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“An enlightening experience, of great help and benefit. For me the experience with Mirta was this. Kind and respectful. Her peace becomes a little like yours and she can give the best that can be grasped” – Angela

sessioni individuali voce autentica

YOUR VOICE is a very powerful tool to EXPAND your consciousness and bring you to the full REALIZATION of Yourself!

To release the VOICE is a transforming experience which puts you in contact with your authentic nature and RESOURCES. 

The vibrations and the expressiveness of the voice stimulate deep processes of healing, harmonization and consciousness, allowing us to improve our psychophysical state. 

In the individual sessions you can embark on a path of self-knowledge, towards the release of energy and dormant resources; You can become aware of the limiting beliefs, of the dysfunctional fears and customs that trap you, and learn to let them go. 

  • The sessions are personalized and to treat any topic of life, problem, difficulty.  The sessions can be done in different languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.  .
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 Authentic Voice sessions also serve to:

  • Improve your psycho-physical condition
  • Increase well-being, energy, self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Free your voice and express yourself completely and freely
  • Balance and harmonize emotions, cleanse the mind of unconscious conditioning
  • Harmonize and develop the chakras and subtle bodies
  • Overcoming difficulties
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Increase the connection with the Higher Self, generating a profound internal change
  • Improve your life and your relationships
  • Discover and develop your talents
  • Acquire new tools to do your job and to maintain your balance day by day

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT Authentic Voice Sessions

“Dear Mirta, thank you for taking me so deep in each sound, for opening the door to discover a universe I did not know in my evolution … the subtlety of your guiding, your true path and your inspiration in love have accompanied me in this process. I will continue sounding and healing!” (Natalia)

“From the first session I did with Mirta, I felt something was released in me. At first the shyness, a bit of embarrassment for not being used to singing and the new experience of connecting from the voice has been transformed into confidence, security, strength, compassion and love! I am learning to listen to me, to listen to my feelings and let them flow! Thank you Mirta for your way of accompanying me and guiding me!” (Silvia)

“Mirta is sweet and welcoming and her sessions are incredible. She helps you express your potential through voice. It’s not only a singing therapy session, it’s something more. It’s about bringing out the essence of your voice, letting yourself be carried away by your sound, discovering parts of yourself in an artistic-meditative way. This form is cathartic. It is powerful and liberating. Calming and relaxing. I recommend trusting Mirta!” (Claudia)

“Thank you Mirta for creating a space of trust, wisdom, love and light for me. Thank you for helping me open the doors to the power of my voice. Thank you for reminding me, that everything is within me. Everything felt so wide, open and bright. I felt a powerful and overwhelming vibration in my sounding. You also showed me that it is not only the action of singing, moving and expressing that can open up myself, but it is the memory of this sensation, which I can recall anytime and anywhere. And you let me understood, that it is not only the words who are talking to the people, it is also the energy and the inner feeling which reflects to the outside. Thank you Mirta for this gift, to show me exactly what I needed”.  (Bettina)

“Thanks to the session with Mirta, I feel centered, solid and fluid at the same time. The work made me emerge from the state of stasis that I couldn’t leave and clarified how to concretely allow me to feel what is inside me, a deep and infinite joy and lovingness. Thank you very much! I continue with the immersion in this discovery of what is above me, in which the me does not exist and which is also found in me… and it is not philosophy, it is really grasping it!” – Elena

“An illuminating experience, of great help and benefit. For me, the experience with Mirta was this. Kind and respectful. Her peace becomes a bit ‘yours and she can give the maximum that you can grasp”- Angela 

“Meeting Mirta was really surprising. With her guide I gradually brought out my voice in a new way. She accompanied and instructed me more and more at every session so that I could conduct emotions, blocked or unexpressed situations, from inside out and back inside. I have more confidence in the ability of my voice and in recognizing my rhythms. Thanks Mirta!”– Alessandro

“It was a time when I aspired to make a profound change in my life, I saw what I wanted but I couldn’t understand how to get there. Mirta has an innate ability to immediately understand the situations and energies that are at play, and she possesses the qualities to direct them towards a positive resolution, dissolving blocks with extreme sweetness and firmness. In the session, things that I had long forgotten, that had blocked me for years, came back to light almost lightly, in a supportive context that allowed me to transform pain and heaviness into joy and immense freedom. I am very grateful to you Mirta, because from that moment I began to experience a sense of ease and clarity of direction that I had been looking for for a long time.” – Silvia

“I would never have believed that the voice, my voice, could raise the vibration so quickly, making me feel better immediately! Mirta has the firmness and preparation of someone who knows the best way to help you and the sweetness of someone who accompanies you on a path that is never easy. Singing together was exciting and so simple, that she reminded me how the way to get back into balance is really “already within us”, we just need to want to look for it! ” – Paola Michela

“It was a wonderful therapy, Mirta’s voice calms the body and spirit. It was important to get to know myself, I learned that sometimes we are the ones who need to change. I can only thank you Mirta, may God continue to bless you in this mission, bring peace through the voice and calm troubled hearts” – Jaqueline

“Mirta is not only special in her name, but also in having refined an important talent over the years, that of singing.
In one session she made me discover the basis for releasing strong transformations in a simple way, letting her heart emit her sound, so much so that today I have integrated this awakened ability into my sessions” – Cristian

“Mirta, gratitude for the channel of Love that you are and for everything you have awakened in me” – Fatima

“I felt very good after the session. Relaxed and more aware of what is confusing my life. Thank you!” – Urjia