AUTHENTIC VOICE is a project created by Mirta Jacober which puts together two interests and profissional skills: the artistic and the coaching one. Its purpose is to promote the welfare and the development of people, activating their potential.

With Singing Meditations, Individual Coaching Sessions and Workshops, Authentic Voice helps people to get in touch with their DEEPEST VOICE and to feel the enormous POWER that we have inside, to get to know how to express it and use it in our daily life.


Mirta Voce autentica Voce



The Singing Meditation is a group meditation and a unique opportunity to take a journey within ourselves and get in touch with the most authentic of each one.

During the meditation, Mirta releases an intuitive, natural and spontaneous singing, made of different sounds and melodies. Her voice and the music accompany you along an inner journey, through a sacred and protected space, amplifying your perceptions.

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To free our voice is an experience which transform us and keep us in touch with our most authentic nature.

With personalized coaching sessions, according to your needs you will be helped to release what is obstaculating your realization, to discover and strengthen resources and talents, to harmonize your psychophysical state in order to rediscover or increase your wellness. To achieve your objectives in a natural and effective way.

To this purpose Mirta uses a synthesis of tecniques learnt during more than 15 years of formation and most of all the Voice: her voice, yours, and both.

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Since 2013, Mirta offers coaching sessions, Vocal Coaching and healing through Voice and Subtles Energies, to help people feeling better and develop their potential. Until she creates in 2016 her own method called Authentic Voice, a synthesis of a journey of personal healing and training lasting more than 15 years, in the artistic, therapeutic and spiritual fields. These are the main ones: Coaching Diploma at EEC-European School of Coaching (recognised by ICF-International Coaching Federation); Belarusian School “Breath of Life” for the development of consciousness, the use of New Energies and the integral healing of the individual; Emotion&Body Code (doct. Bradley Nelson Method), Theta Healing; Channeling; Meditation; Family, Spiritual and Archetypal Constellations; Nonviolent Communication; Voice Healing, Diamond Technique, Music, Singing, Theatre, Dance, Shamanism, Rudolf Steiner Theosophical School.